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Introducing the Drinktainer Co-Packing Solution from O-I and F.X. Matt Brewing Co. in New Video

Fred Matt, president of FX Matt Brewing Co., and O-I’s Sarah Brennan, discussed a new co-packing partnership in a new video. 

In the video, Matt and Brennan discuss how the partnership makes Drinktainer™, an innovative new glass container, a turnkey solution for getting new beverages to market. 

“I like the Drinktainer bottle because in today’s market, you want to stand out, and this clearly makes you stand out,” Matt said. 

Drinktainer features a wide-mouth opening, closing the gap on the optimal drinking experience when enjoying a beverage from glassware. And the 42mm RipCap® offers a unique opening ritual that’s suitable for most carbonated beverages and creates a satisfying pop of freshness.   

“When we set out to create this package, we really thought about what’s the most optimal drinking experience. It’s all about the wide mouth – getting the aroma and the mouth feel,” Brennan said. 

Matt noted that in F.X. Matt’s 135-year history, innovation has been the key to success. 

“Our philosophy is be innovative, be disruptive, give the consumer something they haven’t seen before, and that’s how you win,” Matt said. 

The co-packing partnership offers brands the opportunity to innovate with Drinktainer through a streamlined co-packing process. 

“We understood that having an integrated fill solution for it was going to be critical – it’s really a turnkey solution that I don’t think exists today,” Brennan said.  

“Overall, we’re really trying to make this not only a premium, beautiful solution at shelf, but a sustainable one as well,” Brennan said. 

To learn more about the Drinktainer and its unique solution for beverage consumption, visit our Glass Catalog for more.

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