The Transformative Power of Glass

Unleash your brand’s potential through glass.

Glass is in a class all its own. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Glass is odorless and flavorless and delivers high-quality and better tasting products. Glass is the ideal packaging material to transform your brand story and connect with consumers.

Building Iconic Brands

Glass creates packaging so iconic, brands are recognizable even without a label.

The Sustainable Solution

Glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it the ideal packaging material to support a low-waste circular economy.

A Healthier Material

Glass is virtually inert and doesn’t interact with the products it protects.

Tastes Best
in Glass

When taste counts, glass wins.

Packaging that Tells a Story

Glass has an element of magic. You can turn it into shapes, give it colors, play with its transparency. No other packaging material has the ability to communicate a brand’s identity so authentically and capture the richness of human emotions like glass.

Glass Supports a Circular Economy

Glass is 100% recyclable without sacrificing its integrity or purity, which means the material is perfect for supporting a fully circular economy of use and reuse. In as little as 30 days, the material can go from recycling bin back to the store shelf.

Feel Good About Glass

Glass is made from all-natural ingredients. It’s virtually inert. It’s pure and impermeable. Glass is easy to clean, sterilize and reuse. Glass is the only food contact material that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration deems “Generally Recognized as Safe.” The globally recognized Cradle to Cradle Certified™ program, which measures products based on safety and sustainability, scored O-I’s glass containers platinum–the highest rating on its scale–in the material health category.

Everything Tastes Better

Glass is odorless and flavorless, made of pure and natural ingredients from the earth. It preserves the taste of the foods and beverages it holds. Everything tastes better in glass.

Choose Tomorrow, Today:

The Glass Hallmark Communicates Commitment to Sustainability

The glass industry has launched a Glass Hallmark – a universal symbol that serves as visual tool for brands to better communicate health and sustainable credentials of their glass packaging to consumers. When you see the Glass Hallmark, you’re reminded that glass symbolizes a commitment to use resources wisely, to recycle whenever possible, to care for the integrity of the content as well as for the health of the people who use it. With the Glass Hallmark, we want to raise awareness that choosing glass is one of the things we can do today to ensure a better tomorrow.

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