Engineering Emotions

Packaging that emotionally connects with consumers

Emotional connections drive consumer behavior. The most successful brands are able to create an experience their customers can share, carving out a unique identity and spark to stand out on shelves.

Unlocking The Wheel of Motives™

Our partners at Brand Aviators founded The Wheel of Motives. It’s groundbreaking work that combines biology and neuroscience. We leverage that framework to align brands with a single purchasing motive correlated with intentional design and supporting emotional messaging. This means brands can focus on the messaging that resonates most clearly and effectively with buyers.

Via Brand Aviators


The Misfit Defies the Norm

A revolutionary beer bottle design, the Misfit pushes all boundaries. Featuring an asymmetrical shoulder, unique label positioning and opposing angles, the design rejects traditional profiles. These elements perpetuate a defiant motive with a striking shelf presence sure to differentiate from the ordinary.


A Shoulder to Lean On

Based on a classic shape, the Shoulder is designed to bring a sense of security in familiarity. The repetition of cylindrical forms creates a sense of symmetry and peace that one can trust and rely on. On the shelf, the shoulder stands out with its elevated presence and reassuring stance.


A Modern Icon

The Straight Wall is an evolution of modern glass bottling. The design features a perfectly symmetrical body with a wide opening, proposing a perfectly balanced experience to bring the consumer closer to the product. This balance gently draws the eye up from the label to the mouth of the bottle.

Packaging that Embodies the Wheel of Motives

The first bottles from O-I’s new Catalyst Collection

Introducing the Catalyst Collection™

The Catalyst Collection delivers a consumer experience unlike any other. Offering iconic bottle designs, the collection takes the principles of The Wheel of Motives to create containers that are unique and impactful on retailer shelves. These pieces activate the senses, connect with consumers, and inspire brand growth.


Let’s Bring Your Vision to life.

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