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Evenly Wine Aims to Satisfy Consumers Seeking Balance

Evenly, a new wine brand in the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates portfolio, endeavors to be the beverage of choice for wine lovers who are focused on a holistic lifestyle. Evenly is designed to attract consumer attention in the “better for you” beverage trend. From lower alcohol-by-volume to lower calories, and its bottle design, Evenly projects a story of balance.

Evenly has zero grams of sugar, a low ABV, and 100 calories per serving. The wine comes in four flavors: Chardonnay, Red Blend, Papaya & Honeysuckle White Blend and Dragon Fruit & Orange Blossom Rosé. The flavors are showcased in brightly wrapped symmetrical bottles which resemble a tear drop.

“The shape of the glass bottle is not only unique and eye-catching on its own, but also so different from what currently exists in the wine aisle,” said Marlies Hornberger, Associate Marketing Manager at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, which owns the Evenly brand. “Coupled with package design that highlights the organic shape of the glass, the unique bottle gives consumers visual cues of balance and wellness that support Evenly’s position as a brand, while also maintaining a premium look.”

Individually-sized Wine Bottle Reinforces Evenly’s Story

Evenly comes in a 750ml bottle as well as a new 375ml glass bottle, a novel size in the U.S. market that’s about two glasses of wine. The individual-sized packaging further positions Evenly as the choice for holistically-minded wine lovers.

“Many consumers are gravitating towards smaller format options as a more versatile and convenient way to enjoy wine,” Hornberger said. “The smaller bottle size offered further allows consumers an easy way to moderate their alcohol consumption without eliminating the wine experience entirely.”

Evenly’s glass bottles are from O-I’s new Bistro Collection. The Bistro Collection offers a 750ml bottle as well as novel smaller sizes in the U.S. wine market: 375ml and 250ml. O-I’s glass masters created the Bistro Collection based on market insights that show consumers are drawn to smaller serving sizes that offer the same elegant experience that glass provides.

Evenly wine comes in two sizes: 750ml and 375ml. The tear drop shaped bottle further supports the brand’s position as a choice for consumers looking for a balanced lifestyle. (Credit: Evenly)

“This has been a really exciting project to work on because it’s an unexplored region of wine,” O-I Industrial Design Business Partner Paul Harris said. “There’s never been a smaller portion size that plays to the premium in quality elevated experience that glass offers.”

Evenly saw the opportunity and is the first to roll out in the Paris bottle from the Bistro Collection.

“As a brand, Evenly is meant to be something that fits into a realistic, balanced lifestyle, with a consumer in mind that is looking for better choices, but doesn’t want to sacrifice indulgent experiences entirely,” Hornberger said. “We chose this glass to reinforce the premium product, while being approachable to consumers and something that they can feel better about choosing.”

Evenly is a wine for people who look for choices that align with their overall health and wellness goals. It’s all about finding balance in life.

For more than 100 years, O-I has transformed food and beverage brands through the magic of glass packaging. We are known for our distinct ability to shape glass packaging that tells a brand story. Evenly demonstrates how brand marketers are intentionally choosing glass, and choosing O-I, to bring their products to life and connect with consumers authentically.

Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell is a freelance digital journalist with a decade of specializing in telling stories about the planet, its people and its creatures. You’ve seen her work in publications including,, and Adventure Cats (her pet project, pun intended). Her first love is photography.
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